Friday, October 11, 2013

Chocolate Check-In Week 6...

 ...this week was a little nutso with me going out of town, Nana's birthday, the Cards in the playoffs in addition to work, gymnastics, and every day life! I did manage to squeeze in some training for the Hot Chocolate 5k though!

Friday, October 4-Rest day...Momma stayed out too late the night before!
Saturday, October 5-AR and I walked/ran a mile in 15 minutes. Then, OMG!, gymnastics was a total workout for Mommy today!
Sunday, October 6-AR and I walked/ran another mile. I went to the state park at Osage Beach and enjoyed a nice LONG walk up a nice TALL hill.
Monday, October 7-Rest day. I was going to get up early and go on a walk but there was too much Blair Witch Project talk going on the night before so I stayed in bed for an extra few minutes.
Tuesday, October 8-AR and I went on a leisurely walk this morning.
Wednesday, October 9-Ran 1.83 miles in 22 minutes today...ran a little further so I could enjoy some nachos at the Cards game!
Thursday, October 10-Ran 1.75 miles in tired from watching the Cards win last night!
Challenge: In addition to your 20 jumping jacks, do 20 squat thrusts and feel the burn!
So the wager is on! Matt and I made a weight loss bet with each other. Whoever loses their goal first has to buy the other something that they choose! My goal is 15 pounds and his is 20 pounds. Now the race is on to see who can make it to their goal first! I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

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Megan said...

good luck! I hope you make it to your goal first and you have something really good in mind to make him buy for you!!!