Friday, February 14, 2014

AR's O'fish'al Valentines...

...If case you missed it, yesterday was Valentine's Day! I hope you had a great day with your true love(s) or even just chilling by yourself. AR, Matt, and I went to Shogun for dinner. It was always a tradition before we had AR so this year, we included her in the tradition which she loved the flaming volcano. I also decided to have AR and I make Valentine's for her friends.

Here were the supplies needed: tape, Goldfish, strips of paper, printable, and pillow boxes. The pillow boxes were a lot harder to find than I expected. I found them online at Paper Mart here. It was actually cheaper to buy 50 from them than 24 from other places I found. Don't be surprised if you find another craft made of pillow boxes!

Next, I printed and cut out these hearts that say: Will you o'fish'ally be my Valentine? Love, AR

AR and I filled each box with Goldish then I taped the strip of paper around it and topped it off with the heart on front. I was going to do pink strips for the girls and blue for the boys but then I couldn't keep track of how many I needed of each so I ended up doing all blue except one. 

We gave them out at the Valentine's Playdate and to all the kids at the sitter's. They were a hit!

Pics of my girl handing them out. I saw some other really cute ideas on Pinterest so who knows what we'll come up with next year!

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Anonymous said...

Adorable! We are going the goldfish route this year too :)