Friday, February 7, 2014

February Photo Challenge Week 1...

...Here goes the February Photo Challenge! Feel free to join in for any or all!

February 1
This isn't the greatest photo but it's my life these days: baby in one hand, camera in the other and I'm loving it!
February 2
The Color Pink
I found anything and everything pink she could wear: onesie, tights and heels!

February 3
Something that made you laugh
Would this face not make you laugh? Anytime she laughs, I immediately join her.

February 4
An inside joke
I can't explain because then it wouldn't be an inside joke! We love Chester at our house!

 February 5
This seems to be the current trend in family photos. It's not my best work considering I was wearing flip flops and my child was standing at the window inside crying wanting me to come back in.

February 6
Guilty Pleasure
Although this could fall under bad habit, too.

February 7
Something you look forward to
Apparently my child is looking forward to summer because she pulled out the sunglasses. I was trying to capture her looking at our Disney on Ice tickets though.


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Shawna said...

Which Disney on Ice show are you going to?