Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pampers Swaddlers Softies!!!

...Pampers Swaddlers are now in size 4 and 5! This means tons of #PampersSwaddlersSofties for my girl, not to mention that life-saving color changing line. Thanks to CrowdTap, I got to sample the new Pampers Swaddlers AND I got to share a pack with my good friend Jenni and her daughter Emma.

We were supposed to meet up last Sunday but our schedules weren't able to coordinate. I went ahead and got a pack of Pampers Swaddlers for AR. She was super excited about them!

When I told her that we'd got a pack for Emma, too. She couldn't wait to share the #PampersSwaddlersSofties with her bestie!

We finally found that Wednesday night would be a good time to meet up. AR was super excited to have a friend over on a weeknight. Here she's asking, "Is Emma here to share yet???"

I told her, not yet so she decided to use the #PampersSwaddlersSofties as a seat.

Jenni and Emma arrived and AR was clapping, smiling and just super excited to see them. Of course, they'd barely gotten in the door and she had to share the #PampersSwaddlersSofties with her!

Jenni and Emma were so excited!!!

Emma had to take a closer inspection.

After all the Swaddler excitement, the two girls sat down to read a book together. How sweet!

They were over the pictures here, can you tell?

Besties and #PamperSwaddlersSofties Sisters 4 Life!

Thanks CrowdTap for letting us experience the awesomeness of #PampersSwaddlersSofties!

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Jenni Brink said...

I opened the pack over the weekend (we couldn't wait) and I had forgotten just how soft Swaddlers feel! It makes me wonder if they are just as soft on Emma's tushie as they feel on the outside.

Thank you Alyssa and Crowdtap for reminding me why we loved Swaddlers back in the day. Emma will be in 5's until she's potty-trained, so, since we are already a hard-core Pampers family, we'll be making the switch back to Swaddlers. They fit just as well as the Cruisers it seems, and they are super soft. Oh! Did I mention the easy color-changing line? Yep, love that too. :-)

Thanks again, from the Brink family! There's nothing better than a happy child.