Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Three's a Crowd" Book Review...

...After I finished Melissa Keir's "Second Time's the Charm" I rushed on to "Three's a Crowd" so I could find out what happens between Lissa, Alex, and Chloe. I can tell you, I wasn't disappointed!

Single mother Lissa Vincent found her soul mate in her best friend’s ex-husband. Alex Hunter couldn’t believe his fortune when his ex-wife told him her best friend was available. After divorce, finding love again could be a challenge but it appeared Alex and Lissa had gotten lucky. Yet as they start their lives as newlyweds, Alex and Lissa don’t realize just how difficult it might be to blend a family.

When Alex’s ex new marriage begins to unravel, she sets her sights again on Alex. Does Alex still have feelings for the mother of his child? Will Lissa keep her best friend or lose her husband?

Fairytales promise a happily-ever-after. But what really happens after the after.

While this book was short, it definitely was a page turner. "Three's a Crowd' picked up where "Second Time's a Charm," Alex and Lissa married and tried to blend their families. Unfortunately, Chloe isn't failing in the love department with her marriage so trying to be a good friend, Lissa invites Chloe to live with her which equals D-R-A-M-A! Chloe tries to steal Alex back. In the end, everyone does what is best for the kids. All I have to say is that Lissa is WAY to good of a friend. Alex and Lissa's marriage stood the a true test of love.

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