Saturday, February 8, 2014

St. Louis Ambush Game...

...Remember my Christmas post where I told you all that Matt got me two St. Louis Ambush tickets? Well, the game was last Saturday. My dad and I went for 'ole time sakes. Mattie did pretty good on the tickets...front row! Check out how close we were to the action.

This was literally in front of me and beside me were a million and one kids all vying for the players attention. The boys wanting the Milwaukee Wave's Bennett to take a picture with them while the girls all screamed over how dreamy it was. Oh how it reminded me of my middle school days when my teammates and I did the exact same thing.

I have to comment that in a world of professional athletes being role models, the Milwaukee Wave impressed me with their sportsmanship and friendly demeanor to all the kids. It was refreshing to see athletes in a positive manner. FYI-We sat on their end so I didn't get a chance to see any of the Ambush players interact.

Beers are only the price of a hat trick! When I found this out, I told my dad that we should both grab a beer since the last time I went to a game, I couldn't even drive. We had a good time especially since there was a lot of action and the score was pretty close...until we pulled the goalie at the end of the game and it backfired.

As the game started and the lights lowered, out came the Ambush mascot...Bushwacker! It was nice to see a familiar face and when the music started, it was like I was still back in the '90s with "Whoop There It Is!"

Halfway through announcing the team, a giant Chad Vandegriffe head sat down behind me. The group of guys sitting behind us play softball with him and apparently cheer him on with the #JumboChad #Chadhead at every home game. These guys were hysterical!

I tweeted pretty much the whole game. Twitter is a lot more fun when people, teams, organizations interact with you. Here are a few of my tweets...

The guys behind me wanted to get #CV21, #JumboChad and #Chadhead trending. When Chad scored, I tweeted and looked back at them asking if they were tweeting. They all pulled out there phones and threw out a few hashtags. When I got home, I checked out the hashtags and tweeted the creator of #JumboChad. After checking out his stats, I tweeted, "With 8 tweets and 7 followers, no wonder you can't get #CV21 trending..." He replied that they were new to the Twitterverse and I said they needed #TwitterTrending101!
Overall, it was a great game and a fun time was had by all. I would love to go to the Throwback game on the 27th and see the players from my day. Hopefully the Ambush stick around because I'll definitely be going to games next year. 


Julie said...

We had a blast when we went too. When's the throwback game?

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

It was such a fun game! I had no idea that they used to have a team back in the day but we did have a good time. :)