Friday, February 21, 2014

February Photo Challenge Week 3...

...Week 3 already, this month is flying by!

February 15
Something you see every morning
This is my view every morning when I wake up

February 16
What's inside your bag
My school bag

February 17
Something sweet
Lickin' her lips!

February 18
Not the best, was trying to capture the wind.

February 19
A gift
This was a gift to myself after my stressful day.

February 20
Something you bought
It's also something I bought

February 21
Best part of your day
This is blurry but I only had one shot at it. This is AR running to me when I walked into the sitter's to pick her up.

I always start these photo challenges so motivated and then I end up having to cram all the photos into one day!

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