Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Matthew's Bouncin' Third Birthday!!!

...After the Valentine's Playdate on Sunday, we headed to Bounce U for Matthew's third birthday party. Matthew is the son of a friend of mine from high school. This was the first birthday party AR had attended outside of someone's house. It was also her first "real" time in a bounce house. Judging from the pictures...she loved it!

I wasn't really sure what all she'd be able to do but it turned out, there was lots! She and a few other girls just a little bit older jumped around having a ball. The party was great because it was just our party in the inflatables so it wasn't insane crazy like some places.

They had balls in this house so AR would throw them out the entrance at me and I'd throw them back in at her. She thought it was hilarious!

There was also two raised circles in the middle. AR had a blast jumping off them aka falling down and laughing.

Then there was a huge slide. The first time, I helped her up which she panicked a little until we got to the top. She went down no problem and I was going to go back down the stairs but suddenly I saw ten little ones climbing up so...what goes up, must come down, right? Yeah, I was the only parent to slide down. The older girl helped show AR how to climb the ladder the next time.

She quickly got the hang of it and went down it by herself three times!

It was REALLY high and REALLY fast! But my daredevil didn't mind.

Whoa!!! She'd get a little cock-eyed but it didn't scare her.

Turning, turning, but still smiling!

And a big grin to finish!

Here's AR and the birthday boy, Matthew!

This inflatable blew air so that the ball would balance and then you were to hit it with a baseball bat. AR just wanted to feel the air coming out. Hey, whatever makes you happy, right?

All the kiddos at the party!

So yeah, my kid had nothing but sugar all day Sunday. An egg for breakfast and these veggie chips were the only non-sugared food she ate. It helped us at the end of the night but yeah, we'll be on a strict veggie-only diet to make-up for it! I kid, I kid...no worries, I'm sure my child will still have sugar this week, it was just a bit of an overload on Sunday.

Matthew and AR looking thrilled to have their photo taken. The birthday boy was being bribed by his dad with a "coin" to take this picture.

AR had a great time as did all the other kids. Thanks for inviting us, Christina!


Jenni Brink said...

Awww! That looks like so much fun!

Joanna said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! You definitely have a dare devil child on your hands. Not afraid of anything!