Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Visit with Our Favorite RE...

...The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, AR and I made a trip down to WU to visit our favorite fellows and the place she was created. Unfortunately, Dr. K wasn't able to meet with us, but we still got a good visit in with Dr. Omurtag. I have to admit that I'm a proud "momma" for him as he recently joined the group as an official RE this past summer.

It's crazy to think that AR started there as this (no way to tell, but I think she was one of the upper two):
We went back to visit Dr. O and everyone else when she was just three months old.
And here they are just last week! Everyone is growing up so fast.
Lots of my friends are currently going through treatments, one has already received great news! Please keep them in your prayers and send them lots of baby dust.

To Dr. O, Dr. K and all the awesome staff at WU, thank you for everything. Our family is forever grateful for the amazing things you all do!