Sunday, December 8, 2013

AR's First Swim Lesson!!!

...Last week, AR and I had a busy Wednesday. I had to work, but I took a break in the middle of the morning to take her to music class. She wasn't too interested in it, but she still had a good time. Then she went to work with me where she was the guinea pig and tested out some new swim lessons. We already know she's a little fish, but she absolutely had a BLAST!

I left for the first half of the lesson because I was worried if she saw me that she'd want me to get in the water with her. I snuck in halfway through and took a few pictures from a distance (a few being almost 30 in about ten minutes!). She was having a ball!
She jumped off the bench, no fears, and looked for the turtle, giggling the whole time.
She even jumped off the side! Here she is counting with Ms. Shannon. She's really into holding up one finger when we count because of the bee song.
Two-bending her knees!
Three! She'd reach for Shannon so she helped her in.
Seriously, laughing and smiling the whole way.
And no fears or getting upset when she went under water!
She even went down the slide by herself twice.
She finally spotted me as she came down the slide. "Hey Mom! Did you see that?"
She had to go down just one more time...
A little water in the face didn't bother her!
I told her to wave to me, I got a quick wave and she tried to go back up the stairs.
She absolutely LOVED it! The only tears shed were when we had to get out of the pool. My little fish, can't wait until we do more lessons in May. I better pull my suit out and get us in the pool more often. 


Meg @ Meg-in-Training said...

This looks so fun. I can't get C to do anything when I ask her to do. Been trying to teach her to jump/ hop, but she just laughs at me.

Hilary said...

That's awesome!!! Josh gets so nervous around kids in the water (especially my nieces who are like fish). I think he has another thing coming because this little boy is going to be living in the water if his momma has anything to do with it!