Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kicking Off the Holiday Season!!!

...Back a couple weeks ago (November 20), AR and I attended a local Tree Lighting Ceremony. I've been holding on to this post because I didn't want let Christmas take over Thanksgiving any more than it already does. The entire first floor was dark in anticipation for the lights to be turned on!
It was her first time seeing Santa this year and she did great! She gave him high-five, sat on his lap for a picture but refused to smile, and loved the little plastic mug he gave her. Seriously, LOVES it! She wouldn't put it down for prayer that night so to save on tears, I showed her how she could put one finger through the handle and still fold her hands.
She loved Ms. Claus, but that's probably because Ms. Claus, who is a good friend of mine, loves AR!
Now, Rudolph on the other hand, well, she was NOT a fan of. The sight of Rudolph resulted in tears but once she was safely in the arms of Mommy, she didn't mind giving him a five. Oh to be in the brain of a one-year old! Sorry, no pictures of the Red-Nose guy as I was consoling my kiddo.

She didn't mind the Gingerbread Man though. He was the first one we saw and she marched right up to him to give him a high-five.
And promptly marched right back to Mommy when she was done.
She preferred the cardboard cutouts. I think because she could push and move them around. I'm going to have to work on this Christmas attire, thinking I'll get her some red tights and maybe a red cardigan to go with it to make it my holiday-ish.
They had lots of games for the kids to play. This game was a ring toss, but AR really liked the candy canes so she just picked them up and shook them.
We hung out in the lobby waiting on Santa. Here is the choir singing behind AR. She thought that yellow cord protector was a balance beam so she walked back and forth then would stop and dance. She was having a great time until she faced the crowd and lifted up her dress! Mommy grabbed her and we headed upstairs after that.
So 'tis the season! Let the madness and chaos begin and prepare for lots of AR and Santa pics. Maybe at the end of the month, I'll take a poll as to which Santa looks the best. Now that it's December, I can officially say, Merry Christmas!


Kevin and Katie said...

Relax :) all little girls lift up there dresses. i bet you did as well.

Jenni Brink said...

She's just so cute!!!