Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas in Cape...

...Well, kind of Cape, we were technically at my grandma's which is about 30 minutes south of Cape. Good news-no super expensive speeding ticket this time! We left Thursday night so AR could sleep in the car. She did great on the way there, but we all slept awful that night. We got up early and visited with my grandma then started the cooking. Around 2pm, we all stuffed our mouths because we were starving and then shortly after, we started the gift opening.

The cousins: AR and H

My dad got his Busch Stadium painting that I did.

Sha was pumped about her Cardinals shirt and orange visor.

Of course, we had to open everyone of AR's gifts right away. She loved this Magna Doodle. She also got this awesome pink and white polka dot chair, princess set, two Cabbage Patch dolls, alphabet bucket, LeapPad, mini trampoline and more!

Matt got this package and was confused who it was from :-)

He got a laptop from me-woohoo!!! It's his first ever computer, just him. I think he was surprised and hopefully he'll like it.

Love this bow that my sister found at a craft fair for AR!

My sis and her husband are big Broncos fans. My dad's girlfriend's son made the plate. He also made a Cardinals one for my grandma. I put in my request for a Cards one for my birthday.

H and I both got visors too. AR felt left out so she borrowed H's for the afternoon.

A train track is behind my Grandma's house so every time it goes by, she has to go check it out.

We had a great Christmas this year especially because we got to see all of our family. I already have all the Christmas d├ęcor down and just a lonely tree stands in our living room. Now I have to start trying to find a place for all the gifts we received. I hope your holiday was as blessed with family and love as ours was. 

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Julie said...

My tree is coming down today. I usually wait until the new year but there's something about getting it down now!