Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa at the Library!!!

...It's official, AR and I are Santa stalkers. This was Santa #6 for us. I know, it seems a bit extreme, but they are all free events and I'm just hoping and wishing for one good shot! I forgot that Aunt Gizzy had given us one of her daughter's Christmas dress so I pulled that out of the closet. Matt said she looked like an English doll figurine. I love this outfit even though it is a bit old school, so adorable!
Last night, we put on the dress and headed to the local library where AR and her grandma go for class every other month. She had fallen asleep in the car so I was carrying her into the library, her head resting on my shoulder. She looked up when she heard jingling though. We looked over and saw the BEST looking Santa! They both waved to each other, he called out ho, ho, ho and AR responded back to him with her single ho then we all headed inside.

We were a bit early so we went over to the play kitchen that AR LOVES! There were some other kids there. AR picked up a couple pieces of fake food. One of the other kiddos didn't want her to play with it so minor meltdowns ensued, but the tears were dried and sharing occurred before we saw Santa again.
Look at this Santa, I loved him! He interacted so well with the kids. He read this story, "Santa is coming to St. Louis" and sang Christmas carols with the kids. He even rattled off a couple lines of "Little Drummer Boy."
AR decided we should sit in back. While we waited for the last couple kids to arrive, she and Santa met eyes again. They waved and blew kisses to each other, it was so precious! She's keeping her eye on him though.
When it was time to go visit, she was a little hesitant, maybe she's getting freaked out by all the Santas. I didn't push her so we started to go do a craft, but as we walked past him and he waved to her again, she held her arms up for him to pick her up. He did and sigh, I got the same photo I've gotten with all the other Santas. She gave him a ho and a high five and we promised to put out cookies for him.
We got ready to head home, but first, we had to visit the house in the middle of the library. Don't ask me why, but every kid I've ever seen in that building has to stop in the house.
Ho, ho, ho! This was one of my favorite events we've done so far. We'll definitely be visiting this Santa again next year at the library. 

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Slamdunk said...

I am all for stalking Santa. And since she is in such good graces with him, can you have her put in a good word for me as well????