Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Order Restored" Book Review...

...A huge thank you to Ioana Visan for my Christmas gift of the third book in The Impaler Legacy. After reading the entire series, I had to find out how the story ended! On our travels to visit family, I quickly finished Order Restored and found out how it all ended.
Despite their five centuries at war, the pandurs and the vampires work well together when they ally against a common enemy. Led by Little Council member Liana Cantacuzino and a thousand-year-old vampire Maximilien Hess, they descend on South Island, New Zealand, to search for the new breeds’ base.

With Dr. Jesse Carver kidnapped by the new breeds and Liana’s feelings for him muted thanks to Hess’ compulsion, Liana is forced to act like Jesse means nothing to her while she is dying inside. Asked by the new breeds’ leaders to betray her cause and losing the support of her people one by one, she needs to destroy the new breed-making facility before her entire world falls apart and everyone has to run for their lives.
I've really enjoyed reading this entire series because it has the elements of action and love without being too sappy. Instead of the characters fighting each other in love, they're fighting the bad guys to be together. This book brought on a whole new issues of whether Liana would really save Jesse and what she'd end up doing with Max. As I was reading, I was biting my nails wondering if Liana would even make it out alive!
This is an awesome series that is a quick read filled with action to keep you turning page after page. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, even if you're not interested in vampires, you'll be interested in this saga and "dying" to know what happens next. 

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