Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap...

...The holidays, they're always a whirlwind that seems to go by too fast! On actual Thanksgiving day, the G-Fam did the Turkey Trot, came home to get ready and make our dishes then headed over to Matt's parents where we visited and ate turkey, turkey, turkey! I did pretty good about eating and had actually LOST weight when I weighed on Friday.

Friday, Matt had to work so my good sorority sister came over to watch AR while I went to boot camp. We visited with her for awhile then made pies and packed up to head to Cape. We didn't leave until after dark so that AR could sleep in the car. I was busy reading on my Nook , but I noticed every set of police red and blue lights. I especially noticed the 5th cop car because it was pulling us over. After about 20 minutes of the red and blue lights and his spotlight shining directly on AR's face in the backseat, we got on our way with a $430 speeding ticket for going 12 over the speed limit. Note: Don't speed in Scott City.

By the time we got on our way, AR was awake and fussed for the last 20 minutes to my grandma's. She was wide awake when we arrived so she visited with Grandma for a little bit then we laid in bed for an hour before she finally fell back asleep. No worries though, we were up at ten to five on Saturday morning. This is why I don't like to stay over night anywhere...I like my sleep while my child apparently doesn't!

Since we were up so early, we helped Grandma cook. I made a pecan pie, deviled eggs, green bean casserole and some mac-n-cheese. My sister helped with the last two dishes, but Grandma gave me all the credit. Thanks, Grandma! AR helped as well. She was the taste tester, she ate 2 whole eggs!
Then my BIL arrived and she loved him which she always does. They had a great time playing with that house on the couch which is pushing forty and has survived both my sister and I as well as now both of our kids. We couldn't find the California raisins, but I bet we'll find them at Christmas.
After lunch, everyone was stuffed and had ham hangovers (we didn't have any turkey, just pork, pork, pork!). AR and Papa took a nice, long nap. The two were very cozy.
Almost two hours later, AR woke up and was raring to go! An entire over night trip and we never even set up the Pack-n-Play-woohoo!
We headed through the light display at the local park. I think AR enjoyed getting to be out of her carseat as much as she did the lights. We got back late Saturday night, slept in on Sunday and just had a lazy day, because now the Christmas season is upon on and we're going to be two VERY busy girls!


Julie said...

$430...yikes! I always knew Scott City was up to something, they must have been bored that night :/

Jenni Brink said...

I just love the pic of her standing in her apron. Cutest little cook!

Cecilia said...

That ticket stinks. AR looks just adorable in that little Apron. She has the cutest smile.

COME ON BABY said...

Look at that sweet baby girl. She's adorable!!!!! Hope you guys are well.