Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cookies & Cocoa with Santa!!!

...I think we're going for a record to see how many times we can visit Santa this year. I really just want ONE good, smiling pic of AR, but have yet to capture it. On Sunday, we attended Cornerstone UMC's Cookies and Cocoa with Santa. AR got dressed up in her dress that Nana made and we braved the dreary weather.

When you arrived, you received a number and then when your number was called, you got to visit Santa. LOVE THIS!!! Standing in line with an impatient 1.5 year old is no fun so anytime there's no line, I'm in! We got to pick from homemade cookies made by the ladies of the church (yum!) and we also got to decorate our own cookies. I didn't get a pic, but let's just say that we had a LOT of green sprinkles on our cookies.

We sat in back so that AR could do exactly off the sugar from the cookies!
They had a variety of crafts that you could make. AR is really digging the sticker crafts these days!
While we waited, us girls snapped a selfie!
Then it was our turn to visit with Santa. She does okay with him. When I tell her it's her turn, she has a momentary freak out moment. Then I tell her I'll go with her and she'll run straight to him. She'll give him five, let her pull him on her lap...but she won't smile. Oh well!
We didn't stick around for the last half of the program. I think they did a children's show and sang carols. We were pushing naptime so we opted out. When we got home, we tried on this dress. My mom's bestie passed it on to us. I think it's super cute on AR. Of course, she smiles for this pic!
We still have a few more chances to see Santa so send us smiley thoughts!

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