Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wild Lights at the Zoo...

...Last Sunday, the G-Fam headed to the STL Zoo for Wild Lights. I saw a Living Social deal where you could get entry for two plus $6 for refreshments for only $8. Normally, it would be $16. Under 2 is free so I bought the deal plus three of my friends bought the deal so we got it for free! Once we arrived, I bought hot chocolates for all 4 adults so out of pocket, I only spent $4. Not too bad, eh?

They had fun animal light displays all around the zoo. It's kind of misleading because even though it's in the zoo, you can't see too many animals. We did get to see the sea lions, which AR loved when we went back in September. Only one tunnel is was open and you had to turn around and go back. There was one really friendly sea lion though. I put my finger on the glass and I guess he thought I was itching him so he was rubbing his back against the glass. AR LOVED it!

Here's her and her Daddy checking out the polar bear display.
While we waited in line for hot chocolate, I ran into my BIL's cousin and her daughter, Harper. She's just two months younger than AR. It was the first time I'd met her, but thanks to Facebook, I've been able to watch her grow up right alongside AR!
We'd planned to eat after the zoo. Matt's dad bought popcorn so AR wasn't much into getting out and walking around because she wanted to eat all the popcorn he put on her stroller.
The reptile house was open. The boa cage had five dead rats in it. Yeah, gross. So the only animals to see were the sea lions, reptile house and the bug house. Not cool. 
Here's Grandpa, AR and Daddy
Me, AR and Grandma Star
AR with her grandparents
Verdict: Great deal, but we'll be skipping it in the future. I think they had storytelling and maybe one craft plus the few animals. I was surprised that they didn't even have Santa there, but then again, we're Santa stalkers. For what we paid, or should have paid, we could have driven through a local light display and had a nice dinner or snack with my in-laws plus saved on gas/time to drive to the City. At least I got some great pics though! 

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