Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY Reindeer Gift Bags...

...Today is AR's last day at the sitter's before Christmas. We're taking Ms. Pam's and the other kids' gifts today. Last week, I made reindeer gift bags for all the kids. It was super easy, cheap, and cute!
Supplies (this will make 8 bags)
8 Brown Paper Sacks
1/2 sheet of red construction paper
2 sheets of brown construction paper
Rubber Cement (or adhesive of your choice)
Black Marker
Step 1: Take brown paper sack and round out top.
Step 2: Fold bag in half and draw on eyes with black marker.
Step 3: Take the piece you cut off and cut two ears.
Step 4: Take red construction paper and make 8 circles for the nose.
Step 5: Take brown construction paper and make antlers, I freehanded mine.
Step 6: Glue it all in place!
Here's a picture of everything cut out before gluing on:
Finished product! So, I'm not a great eye drawer and all my reindeer look a little cross-eyed, but hey, it gives them personality! 
I put candy in the bags for the babysitter's kids who are in middle and high school. For the younger kids, I put a container of trail mix with all of AR's favorite snacks: pretzels, marshmallows, craisins and M&M's. She loves Ms. Pam and all the kids there so I'm sure she'll have a blast playing with them today! I hope I can burn off as much energy at home with her as they do there.