Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Visits with Santa!!! far, AR has seen Santa five times this year. I'm hoping to get just one good picture of her smile with him! After Sara's pajama party Saturday, we went home for lunch then headed to the fire station to see Santa. I liked how this was set up. When you walked in, you filled out a piece of paper with your child's name, what they wanted for Christmas and then you got your number. They had a movie showing in a room that the kids could roam around. No waiting in line=awesome!!!

We brought unwrapped toys to donate to Toys for Tots. AR played with the basketball we brought while we waited for our turn with Santa.
We waited not even ten minutes before we got called back to a room where Santa was set up. It was a nice, intimate setting where you didn't feel rushed and he already knew her name!
After Santa, we got to tour the fire truck. AR thought she was pretty cool sitting in the driver's seat.
She even got to "drive" it, too!
We went back to gather our belongings from the room and she tried to give her candy cane back to the fireman.
But then she tasted it and wouldn't give it up!
Next stop was the cabin in Old Town where Santa and Ms. Claus were. This.was.horrible! I knew you'd have to wait outside, but AR refused to wear gloves so she fussed off and on while we waited.
We waited outside probably 15 minutes then we were ushered into the cabin to wait some more. The entire time we were inside, Ms. Claus complained about how cold it was and they needed to turn on the space heater. It was finally AR's turn and the older lady, who was the door lady, was yelling, "Next, let's go, whose next?" AR was already walking to him, but you can't thrust her in his face! Santa was great, giving his undivided attention to AR. We visited a couple minutes then went to see Ms. Claus. I'm totally bummed because when I got home, the pictures looked like this:
The setting moved, probably between picking her up and putting her down while we waited in line so these two pics are the best I have. :-(
We still have a couple more times to see Santa so here's crossing our fingers for a smile! Happy Holidays!

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Hilary said...

That's a great picture of AR in the fire truck!