Sunday, December 15, 2013

AR Flips for Gymnastics!!!

...Every Tuesday night, AR and I load into the car. Every Tuesday night when we get out of the car, AR gets so excited because she knows it's time for gymnastics!!! We've been taking classes since September, and while most things are WAY over her head, I've seen huge progress. She can now do a table, bear crawl, hang from bars, jump, sit with her friends (for a short time), and roll just to name a few.

Last Tuesday, Daddy came with us to class and she was so excited! During our warm-up, she kept running over to the window to wave to him.
Here we are waiting for class to start. The teacher has to watch out because as soon as she opens the door, AR takes off and sprints into the room. She knows to sit down and wait for her classmates.
This was during warm-up where they worked on rolling. She was all over it!
After our warm-up, we head over to the trampoline. Her mind was blown when she looked up and saw Daddy standing on the bridge. This is one of the hardest parts of class because you have to sit and wait for each kid to take a turn. Usually AR volunteers to be the first or second person so the wait isn't too long, but long enough when you're only 18 months old!
On the tumble track (trampoline), you're supposed to do the skill of the week (apart/together, forward rolls, frog hops). If the teacher isn't paying attention then AR will haul it down the track and jump right into the foam pit!
After you do the track, we take turns on the big trampolines. There's an older cheerleading group that practices during our class. Sometimes she gets distracted by watching them and will clap for them when they finish.
After 15 minutes of trampoline, we head back over to do beam, floor or bars. AR would prefer to spend all her time on the bars, but I try to make her attempt all the activities the teacher shows us first.
This is my happy, hanging little girl!
Seriously, she's a monkey! She'll hang on anything she can...the baby gate, her crib, a chair. She's so crazy! I hope she gets more upper arm strength than I have.
We love gymnastics and that's what we've asked for from Nana for Christmas...more classes! 

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Joanna said...

How cute!!! Such a little gymnast :)