Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow Day!!!

...They'd been calling for it and it came. Snow and lots of it! I think it started around 2am which is when Matt left to go to work to push snow. When AR and I got up a little before 7am, we already had probably 3-4 inches and it just kept coming! We waited about 20 minutes for the sun to come up and then we layered up and headed outside.
She loved it and didn't complain at all about being cold. She fussed a little when she fell down, but I quickly showed her how to do a snow angel which she liked.
I'm glad it happened on a Saturday and not a work day so I could enjoy it with her at home.
Emma joined us outside, but she was a baby and stayed under the carport the majority of the time. She thought AR was crazy for being outside!
Then I showed AR she could eat the snow and she LOVED it! I'm not surprised considering she'll eat ice all day long if I let her. I was also very proud of her for keeping her gloves on which she usually fights me on.
I tried to get a picture of the two of us and I had to entice her to look at the camera with a snowball. Silly goose decided she'd just take a bite out of it!
We played in the front yard for awhile then headed around back so we could get out our beach toys and let Shadow play with us. Emma can go in the front yard because she won't run off, but Shad has to stay in the backyard because he'll take off to explore.
"Oh no, Shadow dog!" She had just fallen backwards and made this face. Shadow turned to look at her, the exchange between the two of them was hilarious. She was surprised she fell over and he just wanted to give her kisses.
I told her we needed to head inside to warm up so she started trekking across the white stuff to get inside.
Whew! It was much warmer inside! We hung everything up to dry and put on dry clothes.
Then we headed upstairs for breakfast where she couldn't wait to get in her high chair for cheesy eggs!
We talked to Daddy who was still out pushing snow and I think we'll be having another round of snow play when he gets home!

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Jenni Brink said...

Fun! I was glad it happened on a Saturday for the same reason! We had a blast. :-) Too bad we don't live closer.