Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turkey Trot 5k 2013...

...Thanksgiving morning, the G-Fam headed out the door to the Turkey Trot 5k. Last year, it was just AR and me and we didn't make it to the finish line. This year Matt joined us and I'm happy to say that we all crossed the finish line!
It was a chilly 25 degrees at our house so we all layered...and layered...and layered some more. I was worried about AR because she's anti-hats these days. It turned out to not be an issue. I had her in tights, a long-sleeve onesie, socks, hooded sweatshirt, her big, puffy winter coat, and a fleece blanket! Luckily, her hands stayed under the blanket so I didn't have to worry about her hands. She did so well the entire race, never fussing the whole three miles!
We arrived and parked quit FAR away from the starting line. We all finished putting on our extra layers, got AR settled in the stroller and headed to the race. Here's AR and me before the race (this would be such a cute photo if Daddy's finger wasn't in the way!).
Turkey Trot1
As we got close to the starting line, we heard the music start and runners take off! Luckily, we weren't the only ones still making our way to the start. Did I mention that almost 3,500 people ran this race? We jumped in and took off running.
My goals were to run and to finish sub-45. With 3,500 people, it was a lot of darting and dashing and running way too fast in the beginning. After the first turn, Matt took off his hat and tried to put it in the stroller. I saw it drop out so I picked it up. He got ahead of me at that point and then I was chasing them down.
When I finally caught up, I took off my earwarmer and jacket and stashed it in the bottom of the stroller. Matt and AR took off again and from that moment on, we were kind of split up. It wasn't nearly as cold once we started running. I would say that I probably ran and walked about equal parts.
Finally, about 200 meters out a runner, who had already finished, yelled to us that there was only three turns left and about 200 meters to go. This was nice since all I could see were massives of runners and there were no mile markers on the course. I didn't know how far 200 meters was, the size of a football field? Two football fields? I had no idea, but I decided I was going to run it all. Then I saw the finish line and that runner's kick I have turned on. I took off sprinting. About 50 feet from the finish line, I heard/saw a shadow of someone sprinting behind me so I ran even faster. Whew-done!
I definitely have learned that even though I'm working out every day, I still need to run if I plan on doing races. Matt and AR's final time was 37:48 and my time was 38:38! I'm pretty proud of my little running family!

Turkey Trot

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Hilary said...

You guys are so motivated. I didn't do a gosh darn thing on Thanksgiving, lol.