Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Carving Pumpkins!!!

...Whew! See, we've been busy! On the Monday of Halloween, Daddy went to the World Series so AR and I carved one of her pumpkins. She had to sit on my lap as I cleaned it out. She was a lot of help. *sarcasm* She liked to stick her spoon in and stir while munching on her apples.
Then I carved out the eyes, nose or mouth and she'd pick them up and put them in the seed bowl. She thought she was a model!
Aunt Liz and Ryan came over as we were finishing up. She was totally showing off for them!
Her Aunt EB, her and her pumpkin
Mommy and AR with the pumpkin and she's STILL hamming it up!
I thought she'd be more into the seeds and mush but she didn't seem too interested but not grossed out either. She was just more into eating her apples, loving on Momma and showing off for EB and Ryan. Sometimes, she's such a hambone!

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