Monday, November 18, 2013

Cash Cowan's Baby Shower!!!

...Two Sundays ago, it was Cash Cowan's baby shower! It was at her mom's house and she had dresses from when Jen was a baby as decorations. They had amazing cupcakes from The Cup and my favorite sherbet punch. It was great to see all my bloggy friends that I've missed hanging out with. Here's the only pic we snapped, from left, Cece, Julie, the Cash Cowan herself, me and Heidi.
cash cowan
I'm so excited to meet Baby Hattie and welcome another little girl to our play group. I'm hoping Jen and I can do lunch before she arrives and then I'll take them dinner sometime after the little Miss arrives.

Since I 1. hardly ever get out and 2. haven't seen my fellow bloggers in awhile, I decided to go all out meaning make-up and all! I was recently sent Natural Mineral Makeup by Mineral Hygienics to review. I received three different shades of sheer foundation based off my skin tone (Light, Medium Light and Medium), Cool Kiss blush, Sheer Perfection: Silk Translucent and a Kabuki brush.
AR spent the day at my sister's so I had a nice, relaxing morning and plenty of time to get ready rather than my usual routine of throwing on an outfit, pulling my hair back and running out the door. Here's my before picture, which yes, I'm smiling because it makes before pictures less depressing.
And my after! I love how it looks...very natural but takes away the extra shine while added a little color to my cheeks vs my normal blotchy cheek color.
It was so easy to use! All I had to do was swirl just a little bit of the mineral hygienics in the lid. I tapped the brush in the minerals and shook off the excess. Then I began to swirl the brush blending the minerals onto my skin. I started with the foundation then the Cool Kiss blush and finished with the silk translucent.
I really enjoyed using Mineral Hygienics because
1. It was easy. If it takes forever to do make-up then I don't want to waste my time with it. From start to finish, it took me probably less than ten minutes.
2. It looked natural. Since I don't normally wear make-up, I didn't want to feel self-conscious wearing make-up but Mineral Hygienics made it look natural which made me feel confident.
3. It didn't make my face feel greasy. This is a huge reason I hate wearing make-up. I have oily skin to begin with so adding make-up on top it makes me feel like a grease monkey. I loved that when I touched my face, I didn't even feel the make-up on my skin.
4. It didn't get all over my phone. This totally grosses me out when that happens so it was a definite plus when I used my phone a few times and didn't have to pull out a napkin to clean all the make-up off.
I could definitely get used to wearing Mineral Hygienics daily. I know Matt likes for me to make the effort to wear make-up and I just may start doing that. I hope my friends thought I looked beautiful and now that I've found make-up I like, we'll have to start planning more get-togethers!

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Jenni Brink said...

Haha. I even told you that I thought you looked almost like you were glowing or beaming in the picture. Now I know why. Love it!*Not that I don't like the "normal" version. ;-)