Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Ugly Sweater Run... I'm working out and losing pounds, I've slowly started to get back into the running circuit. I came across another new, fun and different 5k coming to STL December 21. It's the Ugly Sweater Run! Keep reading because I have a discount code for those of you registering in STL.


Not only does it look awesome but one of the post race drinks is Angry Orchard Hard Cider! As I've aged and refined my choice of alcohol, my go to drink is hard cider, especially Angry Orchard. No worries, they also will be serving hot chocolate, Sam Adam's Winter Lager as well as Boston Lager.

I'm excited to see the course because they say there's snow blowers, Clark Griswold's front yard and the largest inflatable Santa you've ever seen! The course is open to runners, walkers, kids and even your furbabies; everyone from first time runners to marathon extraordinaire. Mommy friends, strollers are allowed on the course!!! The G-Fam is making it a family affair, Big Daddy Matt, AR and me will be out on the course that day. I think she'll love all the stations, especially the snow!

The race started in 2011 just as a test run in Louisville, CO. This year, they are hosting 32 races across the US including two in Canada! Your entry fee will include the run, a knit hat, a mustache if you can't grow your own and two beers in addition to unlimited hot chocolate. Living Social is currently running a deal for the race where you can buy your entry for only $22!!!

“Ugly sweaters are uniting once again,” said Jeff Suffolk, HMM president. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring our 2013 national series to St. Louis, bringing together thousands of people to raise awareness on a very serious manner, ugly sweaters.”

Straight from their press release: "The Ugly Sweater Run course is approximately 3.1-miles long at Forest Park. Once participants are on the course they will find holiday-themed stations at every mile and replenish their electrolytes at a good old-fashioned hot chocolate aid station. After crossing the finish line, participants will enter the post-run festival area where 21+ participants receive two free Samuel Adams Boston or Winter Lagers or Angry Orchard Apple Cider. In addition, all participants receive a custom vintage knit hat, a mustache and unlimited hot chocolate. Participants are encouraged to enter post-race contests for some great holiday prizes."

The event is sponsored by Samuel Adams, Toys For Tots, Skedouche, Stache Tats and Sports Authority. Runners/walkers are asked to bring an unwrapped present to place under a large inflatable Christmas tree to be donated to the local Toys for Tots. I think it's awesome that it's staying in our community.  

A final note from the run organizers: "Ugly sweaters are not only encouraged, but are a necessity. Why wait? Register for The Ugly Sweater Run at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter."

Register for the race in St. Louis and use the code SA20 to get 20% off your registration!

Here are some pics from other races. Runners making snow angels from the snow blowers.
The Ugly Sweater Run™_ES 
Now those are some ugly sweaters!
Okay, I've got to run to Goodwill now so I can find my race day apparel!


Hilary said...

That sounds like fun!

Liz said...

Yet another awesome run I won't be able to participate in this year. But next year, LOOK OUT!

Laura said...

If you sign up using the Living Social deal use code HEART25 and it is only $16.50