Monday, November 4, 2013

Pumpkins Galore...

...the Sunday before Halloween, the G-Fam met up with the B-Fam for an afternoon of fun at Pumpkins Galore. The besties!
They had to chat with each other before they could start looking at pumpkins.
They had a huge pool filled up with soy beans. OMG! AR LOVED IT! She rolled around, sank, walked and dug in it forever!
Here's her and Daddy making it rain beans
This was actually really nice because they had chairs around it for the parents to sit in. AR and Emma were contained so we weren't chasing them around. The girls were entertained and the adults got to visit some so this set-up was awesome!
They had a big swingset too. AR liked riding this swinging horse.
Then they had this HUGE slide, at least 10-15 feet tall. AR saw it and wanted to go down. She kept pacing and trying to crawl up the ladder. Finally, Daddy took her down twice. Look at that face, I think she liked it!
Then they had this "train" which she'd been eyeing since we got there. It cost $2 and it was her first ride by herself. We waved as it took off and then about 20 yards down, she looked around for us and was like, "Where are you guys?" Then I waved big and she started bouncing and grinning the whole rest of the ride. She cried when Daddy took her off when the ride was over.
It was an awesome time! We didn't buy a pumpkin because they'd already been picked since it was so late in the season. We only spent $2 the whole day plus the gas to get out there but it was well worth it. We'll try to hit it up earlier in the season next year so she can pick her own pumpkin out of the field.

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Jenni Brink said...

We had a great time with you guys! I just love when the kiddos get together.