Thursday, November 28, 2013

Toddler Thanksgiving Recap...

...Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends out there! In my opinion, the greatest blessings in life are friends and family. As you saw on my post Monday, this past weekend, we were able to have good times with AR's friends and my Mommy friends. Both of us truly appreciate the friendships we've made in the past 18 months! Mondays post was more for Pinterest and today is to recap all the fun we had!
After we filled our bellies, the kiddos took out every single toy, seriously, and went to town on having fun. I caught Dez in an action shot throwing a ball.
There were a few toys that received more attention than others. The first, which isn't really a toy, is the Cardinals rocking chair. AR was sticking close to me, unsure how all these kids in her house, which is not what she normally does. Anytime, the chair was open, she'd sneak in it and watch all the other kids.
This pig was a big hit with Emma, AR and Mac. They weren't keen on sharing the coins so I had to ration them out and they all enjoyed it. 
All the kids loved the slide!
Nick got in a tickle war with his mom and Cadence thought it was hilarious.
One by one, they all snuck away and we found them playing in AR's room! All the kids love Ms. Owl on the wall.
This was the apple turkey area. The kids all would put the Fruit Loops on until they realized they could just eat the Fruit Loops instead. Emma and Shadow were happy when the party was over, because I let them upstairs to clean up the floor.
It was naptime for everyone, if you can't tell by the look on the final threes face. Oh, except my kid who was all quiet and shy the whole time until it started to clear out and then she was raring to go!
My greatest blessing of all, my sweet AR! I'd go to the moon and back for you, sweet girl. Mommy loves you more than you'll ever know. OXXO (not the store!)
Happy Thanksgiving!

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