Friday, November 1, 2013

Chocolate Check-In Week 9... hard and losing pounds-woot woot!

Friday, October 25-Boot camp and rest day for running!

Saturday, October 26-Rest day but I did carry a 25 lb baby around the World Series. :-)
Sunday, October 27-Rest day.
Monday, October 28-Back to boot camp for core followed by a 2 mile run in 23:48.
Tuesday, October 29-Boot camp and took a break from running today because I just couldn't wake up!
Wednesday, October 30- Boot camp. Was planning on running but there was a school bus in the ditch right in front of my husband's work so I was in a panicked state to get in touch with him to make sure he was okay. Only after I called his boss' wife did he return my call to tell me he was fine...he'd overslept and was still at home! A burning bush story???
Thursday, October 31-Core day at boot camp!
Challenge: Do a 30 second wall-sit every morning...the lower the better!

Rabbit, rabbit!

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