Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pumped Up Orangefest...

...AR and I have been busy, busy girls and I think we'll stay busy until after the New Year. This year is totally different now that she's older and running around so we can participate in a lot more festivals. The next few days, I'll be recapping some of the fun stuff we've done!
The Saturday before Halloween, we attended Pumped Up Orangefest put on by Cornerstone Methodist Church. It was all free to the public and they had a TON of activities. One of the best was that they made child ID kits for no charge. They took her picture, entered our contact info, fingerprints, DNA swab and then put the info on a small CD for you to take home and printed out ID cards for both Matt and I to carry. It was pretty snazzy! Of course, with her being so young and changing so much, we'll have to stay on top of it to keep it updated.
When we arrived, we had lunch first. AR ate a hot dog and I had a pulled pork sandwich. There was also a band that played. AR LOVED the band, kept clapping her hands and dancing.
Then we headed outside for games. This one was really cute. They got 4 wiffle balls to throw into the cans. She loved it!
Of course, in the windy weather, my daughter wants to play the duck game and stick her whole arm in the water!
This was her first time in a bounce house and she loved it! Seriously, I couldn't get her out. I had to ask a teenager to bring her over to me.
This boy stayed and jumped with her for a long time. I think they were flirting with each other.
Then we hit up the pumpkin patch where people were actually carving them. I thought this was a creative, but messy, idea. As people were carving, they put the innards in this baby pool. Then they had toy rings and other stuff that you could scoop out with a spoon.
I snapped a pic of the two of us before we left.
AR sharing her stroller with her pumpkin.
Well-done event! Not nearly as big as the other church festival we went to but that just meant shorter lines. There's no way AR would have jumped in the bounce house at the other festival but this one was just the right size for her. 

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Jenni Brink said...

Aww, that looks fun! Maybe next year Em and I will tag along. :-)