Friday, November 15, 2013

Chocolate Check-In Week 11...

...I can't believe it's November already! I started my training in August for the Hot Chocolate 5k and now it's just over a month away. I was worried about being able to run it when I started and now I'm not only doing that race but the next weekend, I'm running the Ugly Sweater Run, too!

Friday, November 8-Arm day at boot camp which included Mummy Run-that's tough stuff!
Saturday, November 9-Rest day, weekends are tending to be my rest time-have you noticed?
Sunday, November 10-Rest day.
Monday, November 11-Bright and early for arm day at boot camp. I was off work and it's so much harder to get up when you don't have somewhere to be. AR stayed home with me and we ran errands. After lunch, we headed over to the park. It was an overcast day but temperature-wise, it was great. We were the only two at the park and we had so much fun!

We swang and swang...and swang some more. Then I hopped off and ran up the stairs waiting for AR to follow me. When she got to me, I ran up the walkway, she followed then I went down the slide and she did the same. We played Follow the Leader for awhile and I thought to myself how awesome it was. I loved running & interacting with her and not feeling out of breath or like I could barely run around. It's definitely one of those added bonuses of losing weight and getting back in shape. She's one of my main motivation for getting back in shape so I'm happy to see it paying off.
Tuesday, November 12-Core day at boot camp, leg climbs are so much harder than they look. Also, I did a table too like AR does them at gymnastics.
Wednesday, November 13-Boot camp but I still squeezed in room for Costco cake!
Thursday, November 14-Boot camp and I finally broke down and did burpees!
Challenge: Every morning, hold a weight (kettlebell if you have one) in front of you with your arms extended and drive, turning your hands left to right. Get ready to feel the burn!

As I stated above, Monday AR and I went to the park. She's currently obsessed with the bars at gymnastics, her crib or anything she can hang from. The girl has no fear and can hang forever! Check it out, the black fence behind her is probably at least five feet. I had to lift her slightly over my head for her to grab on to the bar.
Go girl go! Hopefully, you'll be able to do some chin-ups to get that Presidential Award in PE that your momma never could. Bonus points if you know what I'm talking about and can list another challenge you had to do for that award.

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Meg @ Meg-in-Training said...

Situps were part of that test too, along with a mile run!