Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sleepover at the Farm...

...The weekend after Halloween, the G-Fam headed out to the farm so Daddy could get things ready for the upcoming hunting season. We arrived late Saturday afternoon and didn't really do much except unpack and eat dinner. When it got dark, Grandpa and Daddy started a bonfire. Here's Daddy and AR warming up their hands.
Grandma and Grandpa brought the fixin's for s'mores. Grandpa even caught a marshmallow on fire for AR's entertainment which she loved.
Then her and Daddy roasted their marshmallows. I have to brag on my husband that he's the best marshmallow roaster around! Perfectly gooey and melty all the way through.
AR's s'more was just marshmallow and graham crackers. Funny, she likes both of those things separately but wasn't a fan of the melted 'mallow. It was also late and we were pushing bedtime.
After s'mores, we tried to get Grandpa to tell us a ghost story but he didn't know of any so Mommy sang her some silly songs.
Then we headed back to the camper to go to sleep and Mommy noticed that she had 'mallow on her nose!
The next morning, Daddy went bow hunting while we read and read and read in the camper. Then AR played with Grandma while Mommy read her own book. When Daddy got back, he took her on a lawnmower ride to see his deer stand. Can you see them?
There they are! "Hi, Mommy! We're back!"
Daddy and AR coming back to tell us all about what they saw.
There's my girl running to me to say she missed me even though they weren't even gone for 15 minutes. What can I say, she's a momma's girl!
The boys sited in their rifles.
Daddy set up the camper and then we headed home. It was a quick trip and I feel like I slept the whole time we were there since I went to bed with her at 7 and then had to lay down with her for her nap. It was gorgeous weather too.
Then we got home and for the first time in forever, she spotted her teething toys and had to have all of them. I told her she didn't need that many but she proved me wrong!
So for the next couple weekends, AR and I will be bachelorettes while Daddy goes hunting. Let's hope he gets a deer so we can fill the freezer!

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Jenni Brink said...

How fun! It makes me want to go camping. :-)