Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Safe Halloween Night...

...the Tuesday of the week of Halloween, AR and I went to one of the local high school for their Safe Halloween Night. OMG! This is the way to go instead of trick-or-treating. All the clubs at the high school put together a game for the kids to play and win candy. It was really good candy too like Reeses and Snicker's but AR kept picking out licorice. We'll work on her with that for next year.
Some of the games were repeat games but AR didn't mind. In fact, they'd hand her a piece of candy and she'd put it back in the bag thinking that was the game they were playing.
It was hilarious listening to these high school kids try to explain the game to her like she could understand what they were saying. I mean, she could to a point. Like she knew that the beanbags went in the holes but not that she was supposed to throw the bags from a certain line. At this game, they gave her candy and she put it in the pumpkin's eye.
The girls at this station thought she was super cute, which she is!, and the loved giving her high five after she made each ring. Check out the face on AR in this pic-hilarious!
Luckily, we got there right when it started so we didn't have to wait in too many lines. After a few games, AR had to stop to take a break. There were games all over the cafeteria and down 2, maybe 3 hallways. By the time we got done with the cafeteria and one hallway, the other 2 were super crowded.
I ran into a former camper who painted a ghost on AR's hand. When AR tried to blow on it to help it dry, she ended up wearing some of the ghost on her lips-oops!
This was a cute game. You were supposed to match the plastic skeleton to the one traced on the poster board like a puzzle. This girl really tried to help AR but she was more interested in checking out the plastic skeleton.
This was the last game we went to. These kids were the best! They got so excited and cheered, like LOUD, for EVERY kid. AR was loving them and I think she preferred to cheer with them rather than play the game.
We stayed about 45 minutes then drove over to gymnastics. AR and I dined on Lunchables and grapes for dinner before class started.
Then we slipped on her leotard and headed into gymnastics! One day when Matt and I both can attend class, I'll get pictures and do a post on her classes. She loves them!
Whew-it was a super busy Tuesday evening!

Oh and not only am I a guest blogger about Our Journey to Parenthood today but also at one of my favorite blogs, the Pinterest Project so go check out that post too!

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