Friday, November 22, 2013

Chocolate Check-In Week 12...

...Gearing up and getting excited for the Hot Chocolate 5k and the Ugly Sweater Run. They're both right around the corner! Life is getting hectic with work, holidays and a little one, but my plan is to keep working out 5 days/week.

Friday, November 15-Bright and early core day at boot camp!
Saturday, November 16-Rest day and I had to work.
Sunday, November 17-Rest day.
Monday, November 18-Core day at boot camp. Monday's are always hard to get going.
Tuesday, November 19-Leg day at boot camp.
Wednesday, November 20-Arm day at boot camp, if I have to do another push-up, I may scream!
Thursday, November 21-Core day at boot camp. Why do I feel like core day comes around much faster than the other days?
Challenge: Each morning when you get out of bed and each night before you got to bed, do two straight minutes of butt kicks.

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