Saturday, November 9, 2013

Halloween Night!!!

...whew! Thanks for hanging with me this whole week to recap what we did for Halloween celebrations. Finally on Thursday, it was Halloween! And it was dreary...rainy but not really too cold. We debated between going to the mall to trick or treat but opted not too since it was probably going to be nutso and AR really didn't need the candy.

Instead, we turned on our porch light, lit the candle in our jackolantern and waited...
We visited three neighbors. Ms. Bobby was dressed up like a fortune teller. AR really liked her cat and kept meowing.
Daddy snapped a picture of us coming back from the neighbor's across the street.
Despite her face, she loved her fruit snacks which was the only "candy" I let her have. She got mad when I wouldn't let her break into the second bag. She also loved the Pez dispenser...taking the candy out and putting it in and a windmill Ms. Bobbie gave her.
We all waited very patiently for some trick-or-treaters to come to the door. We passed time by trying to get a good family photo, this was the best we came up with:
Then AR found a horse to ride and loved it!
Still no trick-or-treaters and it was bath time so Daddy gave AR a bath and wouldn't you know it, they started coming. Two came while she was in the tub so when she got out, I hurried and got her in her jammies...only to wait some more. Here she is watching for someone to come up. She is currently obsessed with Ms. Monkey (what she is holding).
Then all the teenagers came out! In a matter of minutes, our 25 full-size candy bars were wiped out! I held the door open and let AR put a candy bar in each of their bags. She just stared at their faces trying to figure out what was going on. A younger girl, maybe 4, came to the door and AR gave her some candy. She waved bye and when she turned to her parents, she started shouting, "The baby put the candy in my bag!"
After we ran out of candy, we turned off the light and AR headed to bed. I already have an idea for her costume next year...any guesses???
Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!

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